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Merlin Pair Stills

A stills comm for the pairings of BBC's Merlin

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basics rules

merlinpairstill is a stills comm specifically created for all of the different pairings in Merlin.
Every week a different challenge is run, using either episodic challenges, pairing challenges, thematic challenges, or technical challenges, and various caps will be posted of characters or pairings from that episode.

Your mods are sgmajorshipper and mydoctortennant. Please direct any questions to them, with either a PM or leave a comment at page-a-mod.

Sundays; New challenge posted/old challenge closed - voting goes up
Wednesday; Voting closed
Thursday; Winners announced


If you'd like to affiliate, please leave a comment here.

-Icons must be new and made for this challenge specifically. They must remain unshared and anonymous until the winners for each challenge are posted.

-Each icon much be centered around a pairing. You do not specifically have to have two people in each icon, however, the theme must be shippy in some way.

-All icons must meet LJ's requirements; .gif, .png, or .jpg format, 100x100px, and less than 40kb.

-You may submit a total of 5 icons per challenge.

-Brushes/textures/text/blending are all allowed; animation is not.

-Each challenge runs for one week.

-Vote, ask others to vote, and promote the comm. Do not ask others to vote for you. You are allowed to vote even if you did not submit any icons.

-Comments on most posts are screened, including voting and submissions.

-Any challenges containing spoilers will be clearly marked as such.

-You do not have to be a member/watcher to participate, however, friending the comm is highly encouraged.

-All icons should be submitted in this format;


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